How the US’s proposed stimulus package is likely to affect you

The US government is proposing to spend $1.2 trillion over 10 years on stimulus spending to help struggling consumers and businesses recover from the recession. 

If approved, the stimulus package would be the largest stimulus package in US history, costing $2.5 trillion over the next decade, and would help with some of the biggest economic downturns in US modern history.

The $1 trillion stimulus package also includes an additional $400 billion for state and local governments. 

What is the stimulus? 

The package, which is likely passed by the Senate this week, is expected to add $1,000 to average monthly household income. 

This measure will help businesses and households recover from last year’s economic meltdown. 

How will it help me? 

For one, the new stimulus will help companies and households reduce their debt and debt burdens by more than $100 billion, which will lead to an overall reduction in debt to $1trillion by 2020. 

Second, the package includes an increase in payroll tax revenue and tax incentives for businesses, while it also creates the infrastructure to build the infrastructure needed to support the economy. 

And third, the US government has also proposed to spend over $1 billion on education. 

Why would I want to see the stimulus paid for? 

Many people will benefit from the $1tn stimulus package. 

The stimulus package will help create jobs and spur economic growth in the US. 

It will help with higher wages and more opportunity for workers. 

Plus, it will also increase the size of the economy and boost the purchasing power of the American people. 

I am already paying my taxes and this stimulus is a huge win. 

There is no way I could afford to wait for my tax bill. 

Does the stimulus need to be paid for by raising taxes? 

Yes, and that’s exactly what the legislation would require. 

Congress has proposed to raise the federal debt limit for the first time since 2009 by $1 in 2018, so if the stimulus bill passes, then it will require a hike in the federal borrowing limit for two consecutive years. 

However, the debt ceiling is a temporary measure, and the money will be immediately available to pay the bills of individuals and corporations who are already in default. 

Is this the right thing to do? 

It’s a shame that the American economy has been hit by this recession.

We have already paid our bills and have the money to pay them. 

But if Congress does not act, then we can expect a devastating recession in the future. 

Should I worry about this stimulus?


To the contrary, it could make us stronger and better off for decades to come. 

When will it happen? 

On June 17, 2020.

 How much money will it cost? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposal will cost $1 and add $400 to average household income over 10 months. 

Additionally, it includes $100 for state- and local government. 

Will it help everyone? 


The $1Trillion stimulus is expected as a one-time injection of some $1 to every American household. 

So for example, if you earned $75,000 in 2017, you would get $1 for every dollar you spent in the year. 

Furthermore, you can’t expect the $100 tax credit and the $400 stimulus package to benefit everyone. 

Are there any other costs that I should be worried about? 

There are a few. 

For example, the legislation includes a $600 tax credit for individuals who make $100,000 per year.

However, the $600 credit is temporary, and it will be gone by 2021. 

In addition, there are also tax credits that will be phased in over time, which would cost $200 in 2020.

These include a $100 credit for households that make $300,000 and a $300 credit for families that make more than that. 

These tax credits will cost the federal government some $600 billion over the coming decade, but they won’t cover everyone who makes more than the $200,000 threshold. 

Who will benefit? 

Some people will be helped by the $300 tax credit. 

Some other people will see the $500 tax credit as a bonus. 

Others will not benefit from this stimulus package, but it is still a huge victory. 

Have any of the benefits yet been applied? 

Only the $900 tax credit, which applies to the top 0.1 percent of income earners. 

Do I need to worry about the tax credits? 

Not at all. 

People who earn between $100 and $200 per year will still benefit from these tax credits. 

You can still expect to pay your taxes and still have a big boost in your pocket. 

Can I get the full $1TTR? 

Of course. 

Once the stimulus is paid for, the federal spending program is


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