Biden’s $4.4 billion relief package checks container and packaging

In a dramatic relief package for truckers and manufacturers, the United States’ $4 billion package of trucking and packaging relief was approved by the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, a victory for President Joe Biden, who had warned that the package was “a disaster.”

Biden, a former Massachusetts governor and former top presidential candidate, had threatened to veto the bill if it didn’t pass the House by the end of the week.

The package includes $1.4 trillion in trucking stimulus money for the trucking industry, which has been struggling in recent years with the cost of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The measure also includes $400 million for container and packing companies and $400,000 for containers, the White House said.

The trucking relief package was among more than $4 trillion Biden signed into law on Thursday.

It includes more than 5,000 truck-related bills, such as $500 million to repair trucks and $500,000 to fix fuel pumps in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Biden signed the package just hours after the White Senate voted to give President Donald Trump more leeway to ease the financial burdens of climate change by easing the nation’s carbon emissions regulations, which the president has said would be good for American workers and businesses.

The President has also pushed to ease regulations on chemicals, such to reduce the risk of earthquakes and the risks of the spread of pandemics.

Biden also announced that his administration has sent a request to the Department of Transportation to speed up the approval of containers for goods coming into the United State from China, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

The White House did not say how long the package would take to become law.BIDEN: I want to be the president who protects our country’s workers, farmers, and consumers, and I will not accept that any longer.BETSY: We can’t allow this disaster to happen again, so I’m asking for help.BADLY: I think the president understands that this is a disaster that needs to be handled in a much more expeditious way.BUSH: The trucking package is a huge step in the right direction.BENID: You can thank Joe Biden for the fact that this will be the largest package of relief ever passed in the Senate.BUDGET: We got a trucking disaster in our country, and we’re not going to let it happen again.


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