How to build your own weird-but-fun gadget for kids

You can buy a few odd toys online for kids, but the ones you can make yourself are typically the ones that you need to make yourself.

The reason for this is simple: the toys are usually a little weird.

You might have a Lego-inspired one that is basically just a tiny Lego robot with a toy gun and a box of chocolate ice cream.

Or you might have an elaborate toy version of the Space Shuttle or the Big Bang Theory.

There’s no telling which of these is the best one, but there are some toys you can build yourself that are definitely weird.

Here’s what you need and how to build one yourself.


The LEGO Space Shuttle and Big Bang theory toy for kids LEGO Space shuttle and Big bang theory toy.

The Lego Space Shuttle is one of the coolest toys in the toy aisle, so this is the perfect gift for any child who loves Lego.

The Space Shuttle comes in two versions, the regular model that’s more of a spaceship and the super-sized version that’s just like a spaceship.

But if you’re looking for a really cool and quirky toy, the Lego Space shuttle is the one to get.

The regular model has three wheels, and the giant version has four.

Each has four interchangeable parts that are interchangeable with the other two.

The first one comes with a laser gun that shoots up to 40 feet into the sky and can shoot a laser from one of four different angles.

The second one comes in a variety of colors and a few different attachments that can be attached to it.

The third one has four different sets of accessories that you can attach to the back of the toy to make it even more crazy.

If you’re not ready to get a toy of this caliber yet, you can purchase it for $129.

The next time you’re shopping for a LEGO toy, make sure you have the right ones in your collection because you can be really creative with them.

You can get all the toys that the Space shuttles are based on at, or you can buy them individually.

There are also some of the other odd toys that are available for $15 or less at Target and ToysRUs.

You don’t need to have a bunch of different versions of these toys to get some great ones.

Some of these items you can just build yourself and use them to decorate the space station.

But the Space shuttle can be used to decorating any of the stations in the film, like the ship.

Here is a video showing you how to assemble a Lego Space shuttle and its accessories.

You should also keep in mind that this is an adult-oriented toy.

You’ll probably need to use glue and a screwdriver to get it to work.

If that’s the case, you should also make sure that you’re using some sort of plastic sealant, which can be found at your local hardware store.


The Muppets Space Shuttle toys for kids This is one more weird-and-fun toy for any kid who loves Muppies.

The new Muppet toys are based off of the classic TV show, Muppet Babies.

They come with Muppet Babies toys, which are just like Muppeteers toys except they are more of dolls and they have Muppet names.

Muppety is a baby who plays with toys.

You could use the toy car, the doll house, the big-and round Muppet head, the little Muppet, the robot that can make up a puppet, or the Muppet Princess that can transform into the real one.

Muppet Baby is a robot that plays with a big toy.

This is a great toy for those kids who are looking for something fun to make and use for themselves, as well as for the kids who have grown up with Muppet Moms, but don’t want to buy the new toys.

This toy can also be used for decoration, which you can use for a variety things.


A Muppet-themed Lego space station This is another Muppet toy that’s pretty much like the Muppys, but with Margo the robot and the Muddy Waters puppet as your hosts.

This space station can be made with all the Margo and Muddy toys you have on hand, including the Mummy Muppet and Muppet Puddle Puddle.

It’s also made with some other Muppet props.

This station can also act as a display piece and is designed to look like a Muppet movie theater.

If there’s one thing you can’t buy in this line of Muppy toys, it’s an Muppet spaceship.


Lego Space rover for kids If you like building robots and are into the Muddys, you might want to try out this Lego space rover for your own kids.

The Rover is a large robot that’s supposed to look a little bit like a dinosaur, but in reality, it looks like a little Lego version of a dinosaur.

The rover can come


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