How to get free stuff in the first few days of free trials

Free trial codes, coupons and more!

Free trial code, coupon or promotion – try our free trial guide. 

The Free Trial Guide: The Free Trial Guide is here! 

The guide offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to getting free trials for the best deals on apps and services.

It will teach you how to download the app, how to set up an account and find a trial. 

Download the Free trial guide: How to get free trial code, discount, free trial package  from Amazon and other free trial providers: Free trial code, free promo package, exclusively Amazon, other free trial providers, terms and conditions for free trials Amazon  and Google  offer the most extensive list of exclusives from free trial partners and offers. 

For instance, Google promises up to 100 free trial code or a $5 discount on a single package of Amazon Prime  games and apps. 

Amazon promotes up to 50 free trial codes or a $20 discount on a single  Amazon FreeTime membership. 

If you are a regular user of Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime members can also get $50 off Amazon gift cards. 

There are some great deals available on free and subscription packages. 

But, be careful: the free coupon, the exclusive discontinued promo, and the excluded terms and conditions can’t be used as promo codes. Also, the terms of use of the free trial package must be followed. 

Here are some of the top free trial deals and deals on apps and services for December 2017: Apple Watch: Amazon Watch (formerly Amazon Echo) offers a subscriber-friendly price range for $199-$299 with a variety of smartwatch and smart accessory options. 

You can purchase $60+ for $200, $30+ for $100, or $10+ for a $30+ subscribe for $100. 

This offer is available for a limited time, so if you want to get it in December, you might want to check out the watch app and watch app store to get the most up-front price. 

Samsung Gear: If you have a Samsung Gear S4, Samsung Gear S3 or Samsung Galaxy Gear you can get 50% off $200+ for one year. 

$70 for one-year membership.


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